About Us

crack up indoors brochure 300x151 About UsWe are a group of personal trainers (almost like a family). We have seen how health clubs are often limited and don’t give people what hey REALLY need.

We wanted to offer a different way of being part of a HEALTH CLUB.

This health club is a group of real people that want to lose weight and get in great shape but don’t want to be stuck inside a building to do it.

You’ll get workouts, fat burning tips, lifestyle suggestions, mental training, nutrition tips, and recipes.

This will be the last club you will ever join.

(not because you won’t be around, but because we aim to make you never want to stop)


Jeremy Biernat CSCS, CPT

jeremy headshot 254x300 About Us

Jeremy is the founder of Tall Trainer Fitness Systems and has been training in Canandaigua since 2006. Jeremy grew up in Canandaigua but went to Texas for college and worked at a hospital based fitness center during and after college before moving back to Canandaigua. Jeremy has done almost every type of exercise there is. From Pilates and Yoga to strength training for sports, mixed martial arts, and even training seniors. His favorite group to work with is 35-65 year olds that have been neglecting themselves. He also enjoys working with youth and helping them have the knowledge he had to spend years searching for. Jeremy does the morning training and oversees all client programs and studio activities. Like everyone at tall trainer he likes to learn constantly and then share it with others. Since the most common reasons for people to give up on exercising is: Injury, Lack of results, and Boring workouts, Jeremy’s goals for all clients is that their workouts be SAFE, get RESULTS, and be FUN!

If you want to get ahold of Jeremy call (800)380-7047 he is x 4  or you can email: jeremy@talltrainer.com
(Since we spend much of the day working with people we often won’t be able to answer your message right away)

Sarah Biernat RN, CPT
(notice the last name! Jeremy and Sarah are Married! ;o)

sarah headshot 233x300 About Us

On top of obviously being a personal trainer, Sarah is an RN and has had years of experience in a hospital ER and brings a great deal of expertise to the serious and minor health issues we all face. She actually graduated with a BS in Exercise and Wellness before going into nursing so she is THE most decorated and qualified trainer we have. She is the best we have in regards to eating healthy while still enjoying tasty food. She is a quieter member of the team (cetainly compared to that loud mouth Jeremy) and the volume of work she does goes largely unnoticed by our clients. Sarah and Jeremy do a lot of Boot Camps together and the combination has got the good cop bad cop thing going on. Sarah’s quiet understanding and encouragement is very welcoming for first time exercisers.

If you want to get ahold of Sarah call (800)380-7047 x 1 and leave her a message or email Sarah@talltrainer.com
(Since we spend much of the day working with people we often won’t be able to answer your message right away)


Bohdan “Bo” Krop, CPT

bo headshot 244x300 About Us

Bo is our evening trainer and boot camp instructor. He has over 7 years of personal training experience and has been an asset and new idea generator since joining Tall Trainer. Bo is a family man with his wife Tanya they have 6 kids!!!! Yes, 6! He is a great example to people who say they are too busy with exercise. With a full time job, time with kids, working on his house, helping the community, and being active in his church (Zion) he still makes time for exercise. Bo has a great passion for exercise and a greater passion for eating the best healthiest food possible. Bo has a knack for helping people feel confortable and is a great listener. He loves to teach and looking at the results he gets with his clients it is clear he is good at it.

If you want to get ahold of Bo call (800)380-7047 x 2 or email Bo@talltrainer.com
(Since we spend much of the day working with people we often won’t be able to answer your message right away)

Where we work:

224 South Main Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424

We have a 2,000 square foot facility that allows us to wor with our roughly 90 clients per month. We are regularly dropping 100′s of pounds per month. (some people have already reached their goal weight but enjoy the workouts and understand that fitness is a lifesyle so we can’t get rid of them)

We have a lot of open space. Here is the latest tour showing a little bit of the studio and what we do.