On the other side of “NO” there is Joy!

Fighting Temptations – Psychologically

pre rapture party On the other side of NO there is Joy!

“On the other side of No is JOY!” – Pastor Bill Bambach


Our temptations whether they be food, sex, alcohol, gambling, work, and other good things used wrong all lie to us.  They tell us do _______________ because it will make you happy.  It’s exciting.  Tasty.  Fulfilling.  And for a few brief moments they are.  We indulge in our temptation and get our fill/fix.  Then what?….


Well if you are like me then a feeling of regret takes the place of the all too brief enjoyment.   I’ve had this happen to me simply watching television.  It promised me a break from my stressed and busy mind.  “I’ll just watch a little.”  Is what I tell myself.  “I’ve worked hard I DESERVE a mental break.”  Hours later when I finally muster the willpower to shut it off, what am I left with?  All the stressors I had before I watched TV AND now I have less time so I am even more stressed.   If food is a temptation for you think back to your last emotional eating encounter.  The food promised to be yummy and take the stress or sadness away.  When you finished eating and came back out of your eating bliss, did you have less stress or perhaps more because your weight is one of your stressors?


“Eat what makes you happy!”


I overheard a couple ladies at a restaurant.  That was the advice being dolled out.  I agree and disagree.  The statement is too vague.  Eat what makes you happy right now?  Eat what makes you happy when you try on clothes?  Eat what makes you happy at the doctors office?   I want you happy.   Not for minutes or hours and then you feel worse.  I want you happy for a lifetime.  There is a word you use to help bring in that long term happiness.  We don’t say it enough.  It can bring unspeakable joy into your life.


That word is “NO!”   When we say no to a temptation (food or other) we might feel a little sad at first that we missed a big time high.  After the quick sadness there is a feeling of control, power, and a little pride in yourself.  One of my favorite moments happens often at the scale when we weigh someone in before a workout.  Someone begins describing this amazing dessert that everyone around them was eating.  They look at me like they just hit a home run to win the world series and say, “And I didn’t have any!”  They were not sad.  They had just lost weight, gotten healthier, AND boosted their confidence into the stratosphere (that’s like WAY up there).  The twinkle in their eye, smile on their face, and spring in their step most definitely said On the other side of No there is JOY!


Trainers Note:  I’m not against all desserts as you will read about in other areas BUT, if you are struggling with your will power and weight and belief in yourself you are probably going to have to say no for awhile so you can improve those areas and get some of that REAL joy back in life.

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