Out-Train the Trainer Part 3

Bo 1 for 3 Out Train the Trainer Part 3


It’s close
to the end of our second month of our
our new stats and photos are in!

Scorch Out Train the Trainer Part 3

The results speak for themselves!


We have one month left to go and it will be our most challenging and difficult month yet. It’s crunch time and now is not the time to slack off! Cue “Eye of the Tiger” sound track.

Floyd rockie Out Train the Trainer Part 3arrow Out Train the Trainer Part 3

adrian Out Train the Trainer Part 3

Yo’ Adrian!! We did it!!

For the month of February, we will be taking our diet and exercise to the next level. We will gradually begin to increase our cardio outside of boot camp for some extra fat burning. Getting more physical activity outside of our normally scheduled one hour a day workout can really help propel fat loss. Just take a look at how much time the contestants on Biggest Loser are working out! If you really want more rapid fat loss, getting extra activity outside of boot camp may be just the ticket. Walking, jogging, cycling, etc. are all great low-intensity activities you could do on a regular basis. Save the high-intensity workouts and resistance training for the class. If you ever get a chance to read the book, “Where Did All the Fat Go?” by Dr. Huizenga (Doctor of Biggest Loser), you’ll see the rationale behind getting more physical activity. Dr. Huizenga actually set up a weight loss program for the individuals that had attempted to make it on the show, but were not selected. They followed a two-hour a day workout (6 days a week) for the length of the Biggest Loser TV challenge. Many of them had even more weight loss than some of the contestants on the show! You’ll have to read it for yourself to get more of the specifics.

Along with our extra cardio will come the most important element of all—OUR DIET!!! Yes, DIET ALWAYS TRUMPS EXERCISE!!

 You need both, but diet is CRUCIAL for fat loss.

To really enhance fat loss for this last month, we will be following a protocol called “carb-cycling.” It is essentially three days of lower/slower carb intake followed by a one day high carb day. We will repeat the cycle continually throughout the month. **It
is NOT a “low carb” diet (I HATE LOW-CARB DIETS and think they are awful for our health), but a “lower” and “slower” carb diet. We will be eating tons of low-glycemic veggies along with modest intakes of fat and protein.

 It is not in the scope of this article to go into the finer details of carb cycling, but watch
the blog for a detailed account to be coming soon.



Here are our current updated photos and stats as of January 18, 2013:

Results Out Train the Trainer Part 3

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