Out-Train the Trainer Part 2

So it has been two weeks (approximately) and we have taken our next set of photos and stats. In only two weeks of watching our food intake and consistent exercise, we have already begun to see significant improvements.

For those of you interested in learning what kind of diet and exercise program we are following, I will give you a brief explanation here:


Both of us are really trying to focus on three things (I call the three Q’s) with this challenge regarding our food intake:

  1. Quantity (creating a calorie deficit)
  2. Quality (Eating a healthy diet)
  3. FreQuency (How often we eat)

As far a “QUANTITY” is concerned, we are both tracking our caloric intake daily at about 1,800 calories. We can each have a bit more than this to eat each day based upon our activity level and metabolic rates, but we are using the philosophy of “Aim-Small, Miss-Small.” We know that research has shown that people tracking their food intake daily often far under-report what they have actually eaten. Therefore, it only makes sense that we should try to aim for the low end of the calorie range specified for us by Vitabot. So even if we “can” have 2,300 calories a day, we aim for only 1,800. This way we create a sort of buffer zone.

To improve the “QUALITY” of our diets, we are really trying to strictly follow a 50% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 30% fat diet. To make this easier to follow, we have set up each of our meals to reflect these “Macro-nutrient” ratios. We eat five meals daily, and try to incorporate a lot of vegetables and small servings of lean protein. To make sure we do not over-eat, we make each meal have approximately 360 calories (1,800 calories divided by 5 meals). To really simplify our diet, we keep 4 of our five meals mostly the same each day, and 1 or 2 meals may remain a bit more flexible.

The four meals we keep the same each day are as follows:

  1. A Protein Bar Meal. We each have a large bottle of water with a Pro-bar (approx. 380 calories). Even better yet, we sometimes have ½ of a Pro-bar along with 1 cup of unsweetened Almond milk and 1 scoop of protein powder.
  2. A Green Smoothie/Shake Meal. For out shake meal, we mix a whole bunch of green leafy veggies in with unsweetened almond milk, frozen berries, and protein powder. It comes out to a
    perfect 360 calories with 45 grams of carbohydrate, 20 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fat.
  3. A Salad Meal. Leafy greens are just SO important. This is a great way to make sure you’re getting veggies each day. I usually put a whole bunch of field greens in a bowl with mixed veggie(like broccoli and cauliflower), avocado slices, and raw Italian dressing with apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. I throw in a little organic chicken or veggie substitute to increase protein.
  4. A Sandwich Meal. We typically do a six inch sub sandwich from Subway that we were able to get right in our calorie and macro-nutrient range of approximately 360 calories composed of 50% carbs, 20% protein, and 30% fat.
  5. Our fifth meal of the day is whatever we feel like having. It gives us a measure of flexibility and freedom each day. Some days we just eat another one of our other four meal choices (like a Pro bar or Smoothie), but on other days we eat out or prepare a meal at home. We still try to get this meal as close to 360 calories as possible. Floyd, for example, loves to make a homemade Chili recipe that is amazing!

The third area we try to focus on is “meal timing” and “FREQUENCY.” We try to eat by the clock rather than whenever we feel like it. There are many reasons why eating smaller more frequent meals are more conducive to fat loss (reasons we will not discuss here) and help boost metabolism. We eat every three hours after our first breakfast meal of the day.


So that’s our diet in a nut shell. Let’s move on to exercise:


Floyd and I really place an emphasis on resistance training for most of our workouts. We lift weights at least four times a week on average. We do two upper body workouts a week as well as two lower body. On our upper body workout days, we do lower body cardio exercises between sets. On our lower body resistance days, we do upper body cardio. On occasion, we do total body workouts of higher intensity cardio like a LOVE DAY type workout or something similar. On our days “off” we still try to remain active and do some light cardiovascular exercise.

In order to make sure that our resistance training remains “progressive,” we track reps and weight for every workout. Our goal is to always be moving ahead and improving in some area. For our three month challenge, we have each set a goal for ourselves regarding our lifts. Floyd currently chest presses 140 pounds for 12 repetitions. His goal will be to complete 20 repetitions with 140 pounds for before the end of February. I currently press 2- 90 pound dumbbells for 12 repetitions.  I would like to complete 20 repetitions by the end of February. For our pull-ups, we can each complete about 16 repetitions with our body weight. Before the end of our challenge, we’d each like to be able to complete 20 repetitions.    

 That’s out exercise in a nut shell. Here are our current photos and stats:

nut Out Train the Trainer Part 2

Floyd and Bo Out Train the Trainer Part 2stats Out Train the Trainer Part 2Floyd and Bo 2 Out Train the Trainer Part 2















Next update in two weeks!! Stay tuned icon smile Out Train the Trainer Part 2

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