Out-Train The Trainer Part 1

With the arrival of the cold comes the arrival of the excuses:

  • Are you crazy?—it’s too cold to run outside today.
  • It’s just too hard to resist all those darn Christmas cookies my co-workers bring in each day.
  • I’ve just gained because the holidays are always so stressful.
  • There are just too many parties this time of year.
  • Haven’t you heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)—that’s why I’ve gained 5 pounds—I’m SAD!
  • Isn’t it normal to gain at this time of year?

Let’s not forget the “year-round” excuses:

  • I’m too old!
  • I had a wedding to go to and a birthday party the week before…you know how I love cake!
  • My schedule is too busy.
  • What would my spouse and kids eat if I ate just healthy food?!
  • I’ve got a family to take care of…I don’t have time to exercise!

Or maybe you’re one of those:

  • I’m just gonna’ wait until January and make it my New Year’s resolution.

The truth is that we will always have an excuse not to eat right and exercise, regardless of what time of the year it is. There is no time better than RIGHT NOW to lose that excess weight and get in shape!

The fact of the matter is that we never know if tomorrow will even arrive. We have no guarantees in life that God or Mother Nature will not claim us tomorrow. Being fit is not just about longevity and vanity, but quality of life. It’s about living the best life you can RIGHT NOW and experiencing as much vibrancy and joy as you can possibly attain in the short time you are here. It’s about caring for yourself so you ARE ABLE to care for others. Unfortunately, many of us even use our loved ones as an excuse as to why we cannot commit the time to exercising and eating right. That’s not only foolish; it’s selfish and irresponsible. If you really loved them, you would take care of yourself so you can be there to care for them…not only LONGER, but a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER you. Understand that the choices you make today regarding your diet and exercise will strongly influence those closest to you. Do your loved ones see you as a strong-willed, determined, and dedicated person or as a weak and apathetic quitter? If you have given up on taking care of yourself, those closest to you will not find you very much fun to be around. We are only able to love others to the degree we love and take care of ourselves. I’m not talking about a complete self-absorption with your image or beauty, but an understanding that strong healthy people can better care for those around them. They are happier and more energetic. There is an old saying that goes like this: “Many men (and women) spend all of their younger years working to obtain their WEALTH, only to spend all of their wealth in their older years to obtain their HEALTH.

Don’t wait another day!

Throw the excuses in the trash and START TODAY…RIGHT NOW!

With the right diet and exercise, you can dramatically transform your body in as little as three months! Just to prove it to you, what better way than a little transformation challenge? I and a good friend of mine, Floyd, have decided to do a three-month transformation challenge together…and we have decided to ask you to be our accountability partners. Floyd and I have already come a long way in transforming ourselves. We have both lost well over 20 pounds from our heaviest weight. Floyd has lost over 8 inches on his waist!! He does pull-ups with a 35 pound weight strapped around his waist!!! How many 57 year-olds do you know that can do that? Most find it more difficult to PULL themselves away from the table! Floyd has totally re-vamped his whole diet and lifestyle. He exercises, on average, at least five days a week. The challenge we have set before us is to try and get as lean as possible in three months by really sticking to our exercise program and really buckling down with our diet and nutrition. The fact of the matter is that at least 80% of fat loss comes from nutrition. Exercise (especially the right kind of exercise) can make up the awesome results from the remaining 20%.

In order to help you hold us accountable, we’ll post bi-weekly updates including weight, body-fat %, photos, measurements, and even some of our nutrition and exercise stats. We want you to not only see our continual progress, but to hold us accountable…well, for a few other reasons as well…including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. It’s always good to set short-term goals for yourself so you have something to shoot for. Those without goals are those without accomplishments. So we are setting goals for ourselves for the next three months. We are going to work on getting stronger, lose body fat, and maybe even a little weight.
  2. The higher your degree of accountability, the higher your degree of success. Having you as accountability partners greatly increases our likelihood of succeeding.
  3. To prove something! Yes, we want to prove that regardless of the time of year, regardless of age, regardless of the weather, regardless of a busy work schedule, juggling family time and all the other excuses that people nonchalantly toss around— you CAN transform your body NOW!
  4. To inspire and motivate you!

We officially started our three month challenge on Monday, December 3rd. That means we have until the end of February to complete our program.

Listed below are our official stats for week one taken on 12/3/2012


Floyd 11 Out Train The Trainer Part 1Arrow 11 Out Train The Trainer Part 1Floyd back Out Train The Trainer Part 1








Bo 1 Out Train The Trainer Part 1Arrow 2 Out Train The Trainer Part 1Bo back Out Train The Trainer Part 1









middle1 Out Train The Trainer Part 1Bo 2 Out Train The Trainer Part 1

Floyd 2 Out Train The Trainer Part 1







begin Out Train The Trainer Part 1


transformation Out Train The Trainer Part 1



Floyd Flex Out Train The Trainer Part 1Bo flex Out Train The Trainer Part 1












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