You’re Eating More Than You Think

Here is a video if you prefer to watch.  Or you can read about it below. 

IMG 1138 1024x764 Youre Eating More Than You Think

Question 1:

Which of these nearly identical days of meals has more Calories?


Question 2:

How many more Calories do you think it has?


This is a great demonstration of how easy it is to eat more even if you think you are eating less.  Most of us think we eat a whole lot less than we actually are.  To answer the questions, the top day has more calories in it.  It has approximately 1,200 Calories more in it than the bottom meal.

We did this in our boot camp classes and we had people guess about 500 Calories.  (and they actually thought they were guessing high).

Here is the Break Down:

Bottom Day = 1,741 Calories

Top Day = 2,931 Calories

Estimated Food Numbers Youre Eating More Than You Think


If you look, every meal is just a little bit off.  All the same foods just a slightly different amounts.  So much so that you can hardly tell the difference in the picture.

What does the additional 1,200 Calories mean?

This means that instead of maintaining your weight at the low end you would be GAINING over 10 pounds of FAT in 30 days.

If you thought you were eating 1,200 Calories lower but you weren’t, you could be missing out on losing 10 pounds in a month!!!

This can be very frustrating.

You try and try but still don’t lose anything.

You change the foods your eating and nothing happens!

This is unfortunately a common situation for many of our clients coming into Fitness Boot Camp.  We have helped them get through it but it takes confronting what is actually happenning.

If you don’t take an honest look at it you will forever be frustrated by how it’s not working.

How do you take this look?


Online Food Journal

You weigh your food and enter it into a software much the same as you would transfer your bills into your checkbook.  If you never do it you’ll never REALLY know what is going on.

I know this isn’t very sexy or mysterious.

I’m sorry.

It turns out the people who get the best results and results that last don’t take any shortcuts.  They confront reality and they do the commen stuff uncommonly well.  That is the trick to successs in any endeavour.  Do the work that is guaranteed to get the results.

In fact it is this rule that allows us to have a money back guarantee in boot camp.  It just works period!

If you want to start getting the results you’ve been missing.

Confront Reality Today!!

We have a couple ways to help if you would like our help:

Nutrition Program Only – only $10/month for access to the program that will let you enter the food in and give you feedback and even grades based on your food intake.  Confront Reality at Home!

Fitness Boot camp – Obviously more than the nutrition program but total support as well.  You WILL get those results.  We guarantee it.

Call 1(800)380-7047 if you are interested in either or email

Hope you enjoyed the article and it inspired you to take a look at reality and make changes to be successful.

Have Fun.  Be Safe.




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