The Package Has Arrived!!


265863 4167888668395 120273496 o 300x300 The Package Has Arrived!!The Technical Specs:


8:13 pm

8 pounds 3 Ounces

20.5″ long


Those are the stats.  If you want I’ll tell you the story (worst couple days of my life) and share a couple of my favorite pictures so far.


Why wait so long to tell us?

I feel bad that I didn’t keep you well informed on this but truthfully we had to come to terms with what happened a bit before we were able to start talking about it.  Plus, as everyone knows newborns keep you busy and away from the computer.

She’s napping now so I’ll tell you the tail.

The Plan:

To understand our challenges you would need to know some back story.

We were planning a home birth.  This quick clip sums up some of the reactions we got when we told people that plan.

We had a midwife (non-witch) all prepared to come.  (delivered over 1,000 babies)  We had all our birthing supplies including a perineum spray bottle for after.  (I know more about this than I think most men should know).

Everything was going well.  In fact Sarah was able to squat 185 pounds just a week or so before delivery and do things I never thought a pregnant girl could do.  She listened to her body the whole time.  She stayed in boot camp classes all the way until the birth.  (I think this helped Anna Grace do so well in the extreme labor)


We went to our widwife check up everything was good.  We did find out that sarah had tested positive for strep B which is a slight additional risk.  To prevent the baby from getting this you can take IV antibiotics during labor.  We had them ordered and shipped and they arrived the next day.


577080 4057958980813 1985189317 n 150x150 The Package Has Arrived!!

2004 CRV in the driveway

We went out and looked at and bought a NEW to us used car.  (in cash!)  It was pretty pimp.  Well we drove home and walked over to the Big M.  (about 100 yards from our house in bloomfield).  We got snacks.  Not the healthy kind either ;o)

We even skipped back a little.  Yes, Sarah 39 weeks pregnant skipped a little.

When we got back we settled in to the couch to watch a movie.  (We never watched the end of it by the way)

At 5:45 pm, Sarah leaned forward to get something off the coffee table and said, “OOOH!”

Now she had been uncomfortably pregnant for awhile now and there were random aches and pains that came up and random bladder kicking that Anna Grace did.  So I wasn’t to alarmed.  But I stopped and looked at her concerned waiting for an explanation.

“Something Happened.”  was the next thing she said.

“I think my water broke!”

Now before you worry about coming to visit us I did a great job cleaning up and we have a microfiber sofa.

So Sarah lifts up and there is a wet spot on the sofa.

She ran to the bathroom.

Sarah had talked about wanting the water breaking moment so I was super excited for her and really freaked out that it was going to happen now!!!!!

We would see our baby in 24 hours or less (or so I thought)

We called the midwife and were told if contractions didn’t start by bedtime that sarah was to drink castor oil (yuck!) to get things going.  Off I went to the pharmacy pretty freaked out because you never know how fast these things might go.  I didn’t know if I would return to Sarah in full blown Labor.

I got back no contractions yet.

Sarah took the Castor Oil and we went to bed.


I’m a good sleeper so I did pass out even with all the excitement.  Sarah did not.  Then at 2 am after the castor oil induced diarhea the contractions started.  Not crazy strong but very regular.  Sarah began early labor and labored through the night.  The contractions were not getting any stronger and by 8 am the mid-wife called to get an update since we hadn’t called back in awhile.  She said it was time to go to the hospital.  Before we gave in, we went to the school and Sarah did hill sprints, skipped around the field, and did squat jumps.  The contractions actually stopped instead of getting worse.  (we think it was because Sarah’s body was so used to exercise).

That was our last shot.

We went to the hospital.

Arrived around 9-10 am on Sunday morning.  First step was antibiotics, IV Fluids, and pitocin.  The contractions picked up and things were going well.  Sarah was putting some serious laps around the labor and delivery department.  Maybe she had too high a pain tolerance or something like that but, they weren’t looking painful enough so they kept turning up the pitocin.

Eventually we got to a crazy high level and things were getting uncomfortable.  They asked if Sarah would like to go into the birthing tub.  We did at 9-11pm I think.  She was in the tub for about 2 hours and things were looking nasty.  There wasn’t much I could do but get her sips of water and watch.  The contractions seemed more on than off but I didn’t know what to expect.  When we got out of the tub she labored in bed another couple hours.  When we got the monitors back on in bed it was looking like a continuous contraction.  From our child birth class I figured she was in transition.

After hours of this (plus back labor) I was getting a little stressed.  Sarah is the strongest human on the planet to me.  I get a sore muscle and I retire from activity and Sarah ran a marathon with plantar fasciitis in both feet.  An estimated 52,400 painful foot strikes.  She also did a burpee mile on her birthday, in the rain, without gloves, with me telling her it’s ok to quit anytime.  I could tell it was getting to her limit and that was SCARY!!!

They checked her progress and she was only 2.5 cm!!!  After more than 24 hours of contractions, 32 since water break, and about 4 hours of a contraction that never let up!!!

She was spent physically and with the news of not being dialated, mentally too.  I walked out to the nurses station and asked if they could turn the pitocin down so she could recover so she could give it another go.  It had been almost 48 hours since Sarah had slept.  They took it down gradually but the contraction didn’t let up.  I asked for other options.  We went with an IV pain killer that would give her a couple hours of relief.  She got 2 hours of sleep.


Sometime around 7-8 ish am She was back in full pain again.

We finished our first Dr’s shift (24-hours) and got a new Doctor.

He informed us that in fact the water had not broken.  (he said it might have broke up high and then got re-sealed with the weight of the baby).

He broke the water and we asked for the epidural.  Sarah had fought an incredibly long incredibly nasty fight but we figured if she was to have anything left to push with she would need rest or else it would definitely be a C-section.

(good thing too, it was another 9 hours still before the start of pushing)

Finally we made it to pushing.

Everyone said it would be a tiny baby and would probably just fall out.

2.5 hours of pushing later the baby hadn’t moved!

She was face UP!  (going through the hard way!)

The Doctor said he thought he could get it with forceps but if not we would have to go to C-section.  (we were hoping not to go there but as long as baby and mom survived this, our personal preferences were becoming trivial).

So in comes a couple carts and a few extra people!

This is the part that got scary beyond words for me…

…but I will try to put words to it.

The horror of these last minutes is something that is going to stick with me for awhile.  In went the forceps, sarah pushing, doctor helping, and me trying to encourage while getting super freaked out.

Either the first or second push the forceps tore sarah on the inside.  The doctor looked a little more serious as he tried to slow down the bleeding in between contractions.  The need for the baby to come out fast had just increased.  The level of violence on my daughter and wife was crazy in the effort to get the baby out.  The sound of my wife being cut still echo’s in my mind and makes me a little sick to my stomach.  They made a gigantic hole in my wife and the baby’s head came out.  Then the shoulder got stuck.  More pulling and shifting and they threw a grey, lifeless baby on my wife’s chest, the head was so distorted from the labor.  I thought, is she alive?  Will she live?  Will she need special care?  They sucked out her mouth and then it came.  The first breath.  Finally the baby was born.  After years of prep, months of trying, 9 months of growing, 50 hours since water breaking, 42 hours of contractions, 4 hours of a non-stop super contraction, 3 hours of pushing, and nearly every medical intervention possible on our “home birth”, the baby had made it.  We both started crying.  I couldn’t believe she was alive and I couldn’t believe the nightmare labor was finally coming to an end.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you GOD!!!

It was still a little crazy after.

The doctor was trying to get the placenta out fast so he could stop the bleeding.  Then he was sewing like a mad man.  And the blood everywhere.  All over the floor, cabinets, and doctor and nurses.  Sarah was wiped and couldn’t even hold the baby at first.  I cut the cord and held her now pink and much healthier looking body (gotta love breathing).  It was unreal.  There she was able to be held and I was holding her.  Amazing.  My mind was half on the baby and half concerned about Sarah.  I didn’t want a baby without her!  She was very grey and shaky.  I was praying she would be ok.  Finally she was able to hold the baby and nurse for the first time.  What an amazing moment.  Anna actually crawled up Sarah’s body to nurse.  From that point on everything calmed down and the room started to feel cozier.

I can say for sure that Anna Grace never left our sight and only had to leave the room once (for a hearing test that dad came along for).  Thanks to the staff at Thompson and our good friend Nancy.  Those moments with the baby were some of the biggest reasons we were planning a home birth and we got them in the hospital after what felt like a war!

So that is the birth story.  The most horrible couple days of my life.  The single most terrifying 5 minutes I hope I ever experience.  And the most amazing miracle of Anna Grace Biernat who is absolutely worth the battle.

I can prove it too.

Here are some of my favorite pictures so far.

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321822 4195958210116 1509526326 o 300x300 The Package Has Arrived!!

288046 4176296678590 110420781 o 300x300 The Package Has Arrived!!

523647 4060970736105 2130805567 n 1 300x224 The Package Has Arrived!!

Daddy took the diaper off too early!!!!


615181 4186395331050 552232691 o 300x300 The Package Has Arrived!!

just ate!

253062 4109263143385 725386614 n 224x300 The Package Has Arrived!!

Want Abs like these? Sign-up for 9 months of boot camp like I did!


Thanks for reading!

And thanks for all your support!


Of course you are welcome to join boot camp or personal training and help us afford diapers and save for the Anna Grace’s college fund!  :o)

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