The “no I can’t” lifestyle

One of our beliefs at tall trainer is in a “no I can’t” approach to life.  This means believing in your self that more is possible for you.  I was put to the test recently.

I am not a super handy guy.  This is important for you to know.  I’ve never changed my own oil in my truck (198,000 miles by the way).  Now I don’t change my oil because you can pay a small amount and have someone do that for you.  I wouldn’t enjoy it and it would be a mess.  I absolutely believe I could if I wanted too.

But, this story isn’t about that.  It’s about doing something that I didn’t believe I had what it took.


Sometimes I am scared and I don’t believe in myself.  The “no I can’t” reminder is helpful for me also.  I’m not perfect in my mental battles (far from it if you ask around!)  :o)

Not doing something because you don’t desire to do it is very different than not thinking you can.

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My Original "Fix" of the Roof

This task was a small section of roof over our back entry way was leaking and was REALLY beat up looking.  It needed to be replaced.  This was no knob on the shower (I did replace one of those too).  It was going to take work and some skills.  There would be boards to replace and roofing to put down even though I’ve never done it!  Don’t get me wrong, as a young couple with a baby on the way I’m pretty cheap.  But, I had avoided a lot of projects on the house already and it wasn’t because I was cheap.  It was because I was scared.

Sometimes I try to pretend I’m not doing something because I don’t want to when in truth I didn’t believe I could.  My Dad has always been handy and fixed everything in our house growing up.  My father in law is probably even more handy, building a house himself for his young wife while in his 20′s!  Needless to say I feel a bunch of pressure to be that guy.  On the other side I run a personal training and boot camp business that I absolutely LOVE!  Talk about finding a calling.  There is so much to do business wise that I have had to scale back on that just to have time with my wife.  If I did all our car and home repairs I would be dropping the ball on the two most important things (after God of course) these being my wife and family and my calling to help people and change lives.

That was my defense for awhile.  The business and family time.  That’s why I don’t do ___________ repair and hire it done.  While this is fine if it were true.  It wasn’t.  The truth was I was scared I would mess it up.  I thought I wasn’t good enough.  I felt like a misfit toy.  All sorts of negative emotions about me and the quality of person (or even quality of man) I am.

I decided to face it.

Something we all need to do.

(this is where it starts to apply to you)

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Lori Broke through and become a skinny person...YOU CAN TOO!!

When we hear negative talk we need to face it.  If it comes from a false belief about yourself you need to confront that belief.  Maybe you think you’ll always be overweight.  That is who you are.  “I could never be one of those skinny people.”  Or even, “no matter what I eat I can’t lose weight.”  Sounds similar to my, “I could never be a handy guy.”  There is a lie and a false belief in each of these statements.

The first challenge is to recognize that it is false.  (this can take years)

The truth is…

You have all the tools you need to lose weight.  Just like I have all the tools I need to conquer a house project.  I don’t mean specific tools.  I mean general tools.  You have a mind that works well (you can read obviously), you have a body that follows the laws of physics, and….wait….that’s all you need!  You can absolutely lose weight if you wanted too.

Just like I had a mind to ask my Dad and a friend from Lowes for a jump start.  (what to buy what to do) and I could buy the specific tools like hammer, roofing, etc.  (just like you have a mind to seek out boot camp or even just this blog to get the jump start you need)

If you aren’t ready for a BIG project.  Like getting completely to your goal weight.  Try a project size that makes you nervous but you think you can do.

Maybe it’s 5 pounds this month.

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In Process - Rotten Boards Replaced

I didn’t go out and try to Re-roof the whole house!  That would have been overwhelming and probably resulted in a failure by calling a professional to bail me out.  Which would have resulted in confirming the false believe that I wasn’t a handy man nor could I ever be.

If you take on too much that you are guaranteed failure you will be strengthening your false beliefs.  You must start small but meaningful and fight like a wild dog to achieve it.  I’m serious!  Like a crazy wild cornered animal!

Your belief in yourself and your integrity with yourself is massively important to build.  I wanted to quit that project a few times.  It felt like a gigantic undertaking at times but I just kept moving it step by step inch by inch forward.

I have good news!

Photo Aug 12 11 50 47 AM e1345208805163 224x300 The no I cant lifestyle

Roof All Finished! It stops water so far!

I did it!

I think it looks pretty sweet!

It was a huge confidence booster.  Not that I think I’m a super handy man now.  I think I will still leave a lot of that work to the professionals (like Butch, I’ll probably call him next time)  so I have time to be with my family and help you as much as possible.  Now I can choose not to do it because I don’t want to not because I am scared or think I don’t have what it takes.

Now I know I CAN!

Photo Aug 17 8 42 55 AM The no I cant lifestyle

Jeremy Wins!!!

“I can do all things through Christ which Stengtheneth me.”  KJV Philipians 4:13

I hope this silly story about a roof gives you some inspiration to tackle your own false beliefs and to build back your belief in yourself.

What are you struggling with?  Is there a false belief?  I would love to talk to you in the comments.

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