And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?


Three people lost over 40 pounds in only 3 months!!!

All 5 lost 187.2 Pounds combined in 3 months!

These are regular people just like you.  They didn’t get to go to a “RANCH”.  They had to do this in the middle of real life!  They have families, and get togethers, and jobs!

Let’s check out who they are and what they achieved:

GOLD MEDAL in the Summer Challenge – (won 3 months of boot camp!!)


PICT30152 768x1024 And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Could not have happened to a nicer person.  You’ll be able to see that in the video.  She is so sweet and yet so determined.  She gave it everything she had in every workout.  She says she feels like an athlete again.  It’s so awesome that she has reconnected with that part of her during this challenge.  She is not just an athlete but an incredible athlete!  I can’t wait to do a follow up later on her!  She is going to continue to do some amazing stuff over the next few months.

Aubrey before and after And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?


Weight – 47.4 lbs lost

%Body Fat – 6.3% lost

Chest – 5.1 lost

Waist – 6.35 lost

Hips – 6.3 lost

Total Inches – 17.75 inches lost


Here’s what Aubre has to say:



marie final And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Marie has had a challenging trip this summer!  But she didn’t use any of that as an excuse.  Coming from a place of fairly inactive and joining a weight loss challenge took guts.  She showed that determination every workout.  Especially workouts with the sled!  This Grandma of 20+ grandkids is definitely got more of what it takes to keep up with those buggers.  Marie also had to have pretty extensive dental surgery and only missed a few days for it.  She has made incredible progress and we can’t wait to see more dramatic results from her.



Weight – 42 lbs lost

% Body Fat – 5.4% lost

Chest – 3.6″ lost

Waist – 7.1″ lost

Hips – 8.55″ lost!!!

Total Inches – 19.25″ lost


Here is her before and after picture!  Wow!  Only 3 months!!

Marie before and after And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Let’s find out what she has to say about her experience and results.





PICT3013 768x1024 And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Austin was Awesome!

This was a tricky start.  Austin didn’t actually apply for the summer challenge…his wife did.  We weren’t sure it would be a good idea since he didn’t know what he had been signed up for.  Margie (his wife) wrote such a heart felt letter that we had to try.  We told her she would need to tell him about it and ask him if he was game.  He was.  But he wasn’t very sure of it all yet.  Austin has always been a great guy.  The only difference now is that he thinks he’s still got something to give.  And he does!  Austin was in a tough spot thinking of just gradually getting worse into old age.  He is an incredible athlete and we just had to help him believe he still could be inspite of a laundry list of injuries.  Austin still has teenage kids and a very active wife.  It’s exciting because he is now a very active man and can be a part of all of it!  Watch his video to hear from him about this change.


austin before and after And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?


Weight – 40.6 lbs lost

% Body Fat – 6.2% lost

Chest – 5.3″ lost

Waist – 7.5″ lost!!!

Hips – 4.1″ lost

Total Inches – 16.9″ lost


Austin’s Video:





Nancy Final And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Nancy is a powerhouse and a firecracker.

She is one of two contestants this year that worked a 12 hour overnight shift and then came straight to a workout.  (sometimes getting required to stay for another shift to cover and missing sleep and her workout!)

If you know anyone who works that shift you know it’s challenging mentally and physically.  There is a high rate of depression and obesity in these shifts.  Nancy is a great example that if you make yourself and your health a priority you can lose weight even in some of the most challenging conditions.

Nancy has done amazingly well.  I’d like to see anyone go up against her results with her schedule.  30 pounds?  That’s 10 pounds a month!!


Weight – 30.2 lbs lost

% Body Fat – 5.5% lost

Chest – 2.7″ lost

Waist – 4.0″ lost

Hips – 7.7″ lost!!!

Total Inches – 14.4 inches

Nancy before and after And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Nancy’s Reaction to hear results and the program:





michelle final And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Again, one of the cutest people you will ever meet!

Michelle is our other 12-hour overnight shift warrior!

She is just a super sweet giving person.  People with such a big giving and caring heart need to be careful.  They can easily put everyone else’s needs before their own.  Doing this occasionally is ok and is called love.  Doing this all the time is called “getting the life sucked out of you”.

Michelle started making time for her and her needs and now her positive energy are a benefit to all those around her.  She wasn’t quite sure she could do this.  She absolutely proved she can!  And the great part is she’s starting to believe it.  I hope to see continued results from her and a protection of herself in the middle of everyone else’s needs.


Weight – 27 lbs lost

% Body Fat – 3.1% lost

Chest – 4.3″ lost

Waist – 4.75″ lost

Hips – 4.95″ lost

Total Inches – 14.0″ lost

michelle before and after And you thought the Olympics were Inspiring?

Michelle’s Video:



What do you think?  How did they do?  Leave some comment encouragement below!!!

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