What do you want to know? How can we help you?

jeremyandbieber 224x300 What do you want to know?  How can we help you?

Look who I ran into at peebles!!

That’s basically it for this post. 

I want to know what we can be doing or teaching that would help you out. 

I am going to add a BRIBE!


For taking the time to help me out one comment will win a free session of training with me.  I don’t take on new one on one clients as I need to be putting my time into the team we have and the hundreds of clients we get to work with.  If I was going to take a new client I would charge $100 per session.  I hope this is a good incentive and worth your time. 

Besides the incentive, this would really help us to be sending out more relative and helpful information to you. 

Please take a moment to help us better understand your needs. 


What kind of questions do you have about health and fitness?

What are you stuggling with?

What would help you out of your stuggle?

Any diet questions?

What resources do you think would help?

What kind of articles/videos would you like to see?

Anything else you can think of?


(there are no silly questions, there are other people who are wondering the same thing.  Please ask so we can help you all!!)

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27 Comments "What do you want to know? How can we help you?"

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