10 Tricks To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I did a quick stop on the channel 13 news giving 5 Tips to avoid holiday weight gain (you can watch it below)  In this post I want to give you another 5 tips that could help you actually LOSE weight over the holidays.

(watch the video)

5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain


1.) Use Mindless Eating to your advantage -

  • Use smaller plates & bowls
  • Use taller narrower glasses instead of the shorter fatter glasses
  • Use smaller utensils
  • (read Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink for a million more ideas)


2.)  Have 1 high Calorie day per week -

Eat protein and vegetables mostly on other days, then once a week “treat” yourself.  Have some of the carbs you’ve been craving.  Ice Cream, Cookies, Pie, Pasta, Etc.  You’ll get a psychological advantage as well as a physiological advantage.  Your homones drop on lower calories but one day a week can boost them back up and keep you in maximum fat burning.  But the next day get back on track.


3.)  No Leftover Desserts -

After your big meal.  Mine for this week is Thanksgiving of course.  Get the carbs out of the house.  Mostly desserts.  The potatoes, stuffing, pies, etc. need to go.  They will all end up as fat on your belly and hips if they stay.  Again one day of yummmmmm is ok, but as soon as you enter the next day you are asking for trouble.  Throw them out, donate them, or give them to people with kids.


4.)  Avoid overloading the Hors D’oeuvers -

Typically they are 100 or so Calories a pop.  After 5 or 6 you’ve had a full meal!  If you eat the main meal after that you are going to be in trouble.  Get away from the Hors D’oeuvers (I hate trying to spell Or Derves) table.  Find some to chat with on the other side of the room or in a different room.  This will stop your hand from mindlessly graising on the food while you are talking.


5.)  Get some exercise -

A 3 mile walk per day will help you burn another 300 Calories which over the course of the holidays could mean 4-5 pounds of weight you WON’T gain!!


5 Tips to LOSE weight in the holidays


1.)  Make a Plan -

Plan your meals ahead of time.  Even the out to eat ones or the at someone elses house type meals.  Not exciting but the people who will be guaranteed weight loss over the holidays will do this.  We use an online nutrition program to help us make a winning plan.  If you don’t know how much you are eating you won’t be able to stop the fat growth let alone reverse it!

2.)  Remember that every day is a special event -

Just becuase it’s a holiday or birthday or you’re around people you don’t get to see much, it doesn’t make it a day you should THROW OUT THE PLAN!!

In this season you’ll have more days of “holiday” than your body can burn.  So treat everyday as a day you can get closer to your goals.  (this included the high calorie day from the other 5 tips, sometimes you can get closer to your goal by eating pumpkin pie!  :o)

Tall Trainer Thanksgiving Card 300x209 10 Tricks To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain3.)  Eat your Protein and Vegetables first -

They will provide a lot of fullness and nutrition and you will not have the desire to over eat as much on the Carbs or desserts.  Carbs alone you WILL eat too much and you will be hungry sooner.

4.)  Don’t Drink your Calories -

You can drink calories and your body doesn’t get full so it still asks for FOOD.  This can make you take in sometimes twice as many calories as you need.  Which means FAT GAIN!!  Also if any of those liquid calories are alcohol you have given yourself a double fail.  Your hormones will be fliped into fat storage mode for hours and sometimes DAYS after drinking.  If you truely want to avoid the gain and actually lose weight.  You are going to have to put a halt on the alcohol.

5.)  Up your workout intensity and spend time with people who won’t be gaining weight this holiday season. 

You need resistance (weight) training, interval cardio training, and Metabolic boosting routines.  If you go from walking 3 miles a day to doing these type of workouts you will see your body make some dramatic changes in just 4-weeks even through the holidays.  And you won’t be spending any additional time.

Of course to do this right you’ll need support, education, and a fun group to keep you going.  Basically boot camp is the ultimate in holiday weight loss.

Give yourself the gift of a smaller waist by December 25th.  Next session starts November 26th, 2012!!  The prefect time to burn off thanksgiving.  call 1(800)380-7047 or visit www.talltrainer.com.



I hope you enjoyed these tips and they keep you lean and happy through the holidays.

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