What are you AFRAID of?

The Dark?  Ghosts?  Public speaking?  Snakes?  ½ a worm in your apple? :o)
94 What are you AFRAID of?There are as many fears as there are people.  Some have more than one.  (most have more than one)  I have none….
….Ok, I might even have more than most. 
I want to talk about two fears that relate to your fitness success:
Fear of Failure and Fear of Success
Yes, I said fear of success.  I’ll explain.  But first, the fear of failure:

No one likes to fail.  It injures our self image.  People who are scared to fail often don’t even make an attempt at something because they are fearful.  As a guy I connect with this one a lot.  Us guys are scared of not being good at something and having others notice.  Guys are less likely to sign-up for training because they are often scared the trainer will then see their weaknesses.  They are scared to be bad at something until they can develop the ability to be good. 
The biggest fear women have also when joining the boot camp classes I offer is whether or not they can keep up with everyone else.  They are scared they won’t be as good scared that they might fail on some level. 
If you are afraid to fail, that’s ok.  Just don’t be afraid to try.  The men always enjoy the training and feel more powerful and better about themselves after the first week.  The women see that everyone in the group is working hard and they have all different ability levels.  They can keep up (because the workouts are designed so they can) but also because the real comparison is how far they have come from where they started.  It’s cool to see. 
But who is scared of success?
96 What are you AFRAID of?

I am (so are many others).  When you succeed at something you might feel forced to maintain that level of success.  The TV sit-coms often joke of husbands purposely doing a chore badly to avoid being good at it and therefore having to do it more often.  In my personal life I got a 4.0 my first semester at ACU.  I was excited at first because it was unexpected then I felt a sense of panic.  I could not do any better and I had many more semesters left that I was sure to do worse.  How could I maintain perfection? (I didn’t, I got a B the next semester, it took the pressure off so I could focus on learning not perfection). 
In fitness, fear of success can often be fear of the “what’s next”?  If someone identifies themselves so much as an overweight person they can be scared to lose the weight for fear they would lose their identity.  They wouldn’t know how to be a skinny person.  Could they handle the attention?  Would they have to buy all new clothes?
Success can be scary. 
Fear of success is often manifested as self-sabatoge.  This would be like embarking on a weight loss program and choosing a program that requires such a challenging diet that they are sure to fail.  Or they set a goal to run 5 miles EVERYDAY, and of course life happens and they miss a day now making them a failure. 
We can overcome these fears with courage. 
It is not the absence of fear but the actions taken inspite of fear.  Like a firefighter about to run into a burning building.  They are scared.  But they have prepared.  They have the equipment.  Most importantly they know if they don’t run into the building it could cost someone their lives.  They charge in with fear, they don’t let the fear hold them hostage.  
95 What are you AFRAID of?We can’t let fear stop us from taking the actions that need to be taken.  Do you need the courage to ask for help?  To join a group?  To commit to be bad at something long enough to become good at it? 
I want to encourage you to step out in strength and make a commitment and take a stand.  Find support so you don’t stand alone.  This is the exact reason I started the boot camp programs so people could overcome fear and learn that they are just as good as everyone around them.  Of course I would love to have you in one.  If you are interested in having some help contact us we’d be so excited to help!


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