How to eat ALL your kids candy…and not gain a pound!!

Candystand How to eat ALL your kids candy...and not gain a pound!!

You might not believe it now but I used to be (and still fighting it) a candy fanatic.  I had a paper route when I was 11 and spent a good portion of what I made on candy.  Even the 4 fillings couldn’t stop my love for candy.  I did finally realize it was a weakness and have had to plan around it.  I never buy candy or keep it around.  Ok, I do buy candy sometimes who can be a saint 24/7?

This actually brings me to the point of this article.  Cheating.  (aka eating all your kids candy) Cheating does sound negative and I don’t like negative words so we can call it planned diet inflamation.  There is actually good evidence that Cheating (PDI) can actually help people stay on track.  It could, in some cases lead to better results. 
Let me explain it quickly.  If you know you have a day you can go for some extra “treats” then it can make sticking to the plan on the other days more do able.  On top of this, the higher calorie day can actually get your metabolism to rev up a little and help to incease resting metabolism. 

WHAT?  Eating Candy Boosts my Metabolism??

candykid How to eat ALL your kids candy...and not gain a pound!!Yes…


There is a certain hormone (leptin) that helps regulate our ability to lose fat.  There are only 2 ways to raise this hormone. 
#1 – the more fat you have the higher this hormone (leptin)
#2 – Eating more (especially Carbs (and fat)) will boost your lepin levels
Ok, so the first option doesn’t sound good.  Get fatter just to lose fat?  (this does explain why the biggest loser contestants can lose SO MUCH SO FAST!!)

So we are left with option 2…But we also know that eating more is going to lead us to gaining more weight.  How can we eat more and LOSE?!

This is cool!!!
When we eat lower calorie our leptin levels start to fall.  (one of the reasons why we start to lose weight but the weight loss slows down or stops after a while)  It takes days for our leptin levels to drop.  On the other side it only takes 1 day of big eating to get them back up! 

This is how to make it work for MAX FAT LOSS. 


    •  One day a week only (if you cheat everyday then you never get the calorie deficit you need for weight loss)
    • The other 6 days a week you should eat strategically low on sugars and bread type carbs, and low calorie in general.  (stay strong)
    • Your “high” day should be planned not…oops!!
    • The day after your “high” day is the best for MAX FAT BURNING, it is also going to be the day you might feel the hungriest.  (stay strong, it’s worth it)

 pre rapture party 300x225 How to eat ALL your kids candy...and not gain a pound!!This PDI (cheating) can be a great survival trick for this season.  We are getting into the most tempting season of the whole year.  The two month “holiday” season.  In order to stay sane and be able to pass on the baked goods and treats it helps to know you only have to stay strong for a handfull of days and then you get to treat yourself.   

This is also helpful mentally besides just physiologically.  You can say “NO” to those things for awhile without the feeling that you will “never” get them again because your “high” day is coming.  This is why you might see a Tall Trainer eating a larger pizza someday.  (oh the sacrifices I make for 6-pack abs :o)
***important to use the high day to have some of the food you’ve been craving not just “healthy” carbs***
Enjoy your holidays eat some candy (just plan it out) and I hope to see you on other side without any extra poundage.
(In boot camp we’ll be even lighter, through the holidays!!)

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