Why Low Fat makes you FAT!

label fat free 300 Why Low Fat makes you FAT!We see it all over the place. 

Those boxes or containers and boldly on the front it says Low-Fat, or No-Fat.  They boldly make the claim like they are the ultimate in healthy food.  As if somehow by eating this food versus the original you will no longer have fat on your body. 

This is very misleading because it is more likely that it will cause the opposite to happen.  You will GAIN weight eating low fat. 

I hear people mention low fat foods all the time in our boot camp classes.  It really worries me because I know they are walking down a dangerous road.  I’ll give you my understanding on this area. 

It is true…

That fat has more Calories per gram than anything else.  So it makes sense that when you remove the fat from something the Calories per unit go down.  So if we were to eat 2 crackers at regular fat and two at low fat we would be getting less Calories with the low fat.  That substitution if everything else were to remain the same should result in weight loss. 

Unfortunately nothing remains the same. 

When they take fat out of a food, they take some of the “fullness” feeling out of it.  So when you eat it you feel less full. 

still hungry Why Low Fat makes you FAT!(this happens because fat in the digestive system triggers the release of Cholecystokinin (CCK) which acts as a hunger suppressant).  This is a bummer because it may cause you to eat more.  I have done this with many low-fat items myself.  I can eat tons of them and yet there is still a hollow hunger in my body that says, “you didn’t even eat ANYTHING!” 

These, usually heavily processed, foods have more sugar and carbohydrates often times to make up for the lower fat.  Even if they don’t they have a higher amount of sugar per Calorie now because they removed some of the fat.  This usually puts them higher on the Glycemic Index (GI).  Which means, they will spike your blood sugar. 

That’s BAD!!!

You ain’t kidding. 

When our blood sugar gets spiked our body releases more insulin to grab the sugar and pull it into storage.  It does this so well that the blood sugar drops really far down.  A bit of an over compensation especially when the body gets flooded with sugar real fast.  It’s like when people are passing out birthday cake at a party and you are next to the person who is cutting the cake and they are really fast.  You hand out the cake as fast as you can only to find you gave away your piece!!!

Hungry Girl Why Low Fat makes you FAT!Your body over compensates and now it asks for more cake!  Even though it just put a bunch into storage.  So you get CRAZY hungry and you eat some Low-Fat foods again.  Same result.  You can go through your day (and life) this way always feeling super hungry and out of control. 

In this situation you end up eat FAR more Calories than if you were eating more of the regular fat foods. 

The take away message:

You do still need to watch out for Fat.  Eating fast food and pizza all the time won’t help even though they are high Fat, the Calories will add up too quick (they are a lot of CARBS too!)  But you absolutely don’t need to watch out for fat to the point you are eating strickly Carbohydrates and sugar.  They are most likely to be making you Fat.  If you are trying to choose between low-fat or no-fat foods and the regular version, I say go for a smaller serving of the regular.  It tastes better and is more filling.  Just watch the amounts so you don’t get too many Calories. 

This might just change your life.  Give it a try. 

When you do please come back and comment.  Actually, what are your feelings about this right now?  Was it helpful? 


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